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Tourism Strategies

Hornsby Shire Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, 2020-2025

Hornsby Shire Council


SC Lennon & Associates was commissioned by Hornsby Shire Council to prepare the Hornsby Shire Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, 2020-2025. The strategy provides Hornsby Shire Council, in its role as a promoter and a facilitator of economic development, with a well-articulated plan of action to support the vibrancy, diversity and sustainability of the Hornsby Shire Council area.


Informed by extensive research, stakeholder consultation and analysis, the strategy presents a five-year plan of action that builds on the Shire’s existing strengths to stimulate, support, attract and maintain economic activity. Articulating opportunities for Council and its partners to help facilitate change towards a prosperous future, the Economic Development and Tourism Strategy contains three action areas or themes.

The Hornsby Shire Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, 2020-2025 defines Council’s role in promoting and facilitating economic development and tourism.


The strategy focuses key outcomes on Council’s activities as an ‘enabler’, where it can use its planning and regulatory functions, its resources and its collaborative relationships with other organisations to help stimulate investment, attract new residents, encourage the growth of existing businesses and support the local visitor economy through effective promotion and destination management.

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