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Our People


At SC Lennon & Associates we are leaders in the field of economics, public policy, economic development, tourism, regional planning, industry research, stakeholder engagement, strategy writing and communications  Our team members include:
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Sasha Lennon, Director SC Lennon & Associates



  • Bachelor of Economics (La Trobe University) 

  • Graduate Diploma in Advanced Economics (La Trobe University)

  • Master of Journalism (Queensland University of Technology) 

  • Member Economic Development Australia

  • Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) 




  • Economic Development Strategies

  • Tourism Strategies

  • Regional Plans

  • Corporate Plans

  • Investment Attraction Strategies

  • Indigenous Economic Development Strategies

  • Workforce Planning Strategies

  • Creative Industries Strategies

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Economic Profiling & Analysis

  • Economic Impact Assessments

  • Business Case Preparation

  • Service Delivery and Organisational Reviews

  • Economic Development Policy and Program Evaluation

  • Community Development Plans

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Workshop Facilitation

  • Media and Communications

  • Policy and Strategy Writing




Sasha Lennon holds postgraduate tertiary qualifications in economics and journalism. He is also an Australian Certified Economic Developer (ACEcD) with Economic Development Australia (EDA).


With 25 years’ experience as a consultant, Sasha is a leader in the field of economic development policy and strategy formulation, socio-economic research and analysis, investment promotion strategies, industry strategies, workforce planning strategies, consultation, strategic planning, policy and strategy writing and communications.


Sasha has prepared economic development strategies for regions and local government authorities in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and NSW. For example, in 2016 he prepared a local economic development strategy for the City of Launceston in Tasmania and an economic development and tourism strategy for the City of Boroondara in Melbourne. He also prepared the Longreach Region Economic Development Strategy in Central-West Queensland and the Outback Region Economic Growth and Investment Strategy for Regional Development Australia Far North and the Outback Communities Authority in South Australia.


In 2018 he prepared an economic development strategy for the Snowy Valleys Council Region in NSW, the Lake Macquarie Economic Study in the NSW Hunter Region and the Sutherland Shire Economic Strategy in Sydney. He also prepared the Toowoomba Region Economic Development Strategy, the Whitsunday Region Economic Development Strategy and the Balonne Shire Council Economic Development Plan in Queensland. He is currently working on the Hornsby Shire Economic Development and Tourism Strategy in Sydney as well as the Macleay Valley Economic Development and Tourism Strategy on the NSW Mid North Coast.


Sasha has extensive experience working overseas. In 2015/16, he led the preparation of a workforce planning strategy for the Sultanate of Brunei. The plan gives effect to economic development strategies for the nation, anticipating the future workforce needs of industry and developing strategies to ensure Brunei's supply of human capital can satisfy the workforce requirements of a diversity of industries.


Sasha has experience preparing investment attraction strategies and prospectus material. In 2017 he prepared the 'One Outback' Prospectus on behalf of RDA Far North South Australia and the Outback Communities Authority. He also researched and prepared the written content for Brisbane Marketing's new web site. The latest information and data was researched, reviewed and re-focussed to ensure Brisbane Marketing’s key messages are effectively delivered to target audiences, namely prospective investors. 


Sasha also has experience working in Indigenous communities. Working in the Torres Strait region, he led a review of the impact of Australian Government Economic Development Grant funding on job creation and business opportunities in 16 communities of the Torres Strait. He also prepared a Regional Economic Investment Strategy for the Torres Strait Region, focussing on opportunities in tourism, cultural arts and creative industries and fishing. He is currently working on an Economic Opportunities Plan for Palm Island.


​Sasha has excellent report writing and oral communication skills. He regularly publishes articles on economic development, including the online journal of Economic Development Australia (EDA) and others.


Roger Gibbins, Associate SC Lennon & Associates





  • Graduate Diploma Economics (La Trobe University)

  • Master of Urban Planning (University of Melbourne)

  • Diploma of Applied Science (Town Planning) (R.M.I.T.)





  • Business Case Preparation

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Cost-Benefit Analyses

  • Project Evaluation and Economic Impact Analysis

  • Tourism Strategies

  • Economic Development Strategies

  • Workforce Profiling and Forecasting

  • Demographic Analysis and Forecasting

  • Land Administration (International) Policy

  • Economic and Urban Systems Modelling

  • Investment Attraction Strategies

  • Workforce Planning Strategies

  • Public Policy Advisory

  • Housing Policy and Program Evaluation

  • Industry Studies

  • Employment Forecasting





Roger Gibbins has almost 30 years of consulting experience in the fields of economics, urban planning, project evaluation and impact analysis, public policy advisory, work force planning and forecasting, and land economics (international).


A planner and economist, Roger specialises in providing focused analysis and insightful policy and strategy advice. He is skilled in economic profiling, forecasting and modelling. He has project managed a number of multi-disciplinary teams dealing with complex economic, labour force, industry development and planning issues.


In 2016, working with Sasha Lennon, Roger co-authored Outback Prosperity 2021: Longreach Region Economic Development Strategy on behalf of Longreach Regional Council. He also prepared the City of Port Phillip Economic Development Directions Paper for the City of Port Phillip Council in Melbourne. He also contributed to the Armidale Region Economic Development Strategy, 2017-2025 in NSW and the Toowoomba Region Economic Development Strategy, 2018-2022 in Queensland.


In 2015 Roger was part of a team preparing a master plan for the Falls Creek to Mount Hotham Trail in Victoria involving tourism forecasting, economic analysis and business planning. Roger undertook extensive market research and provided tourism uplift estimates and a cost benefit analysis of the project.


Roger has extensive overseas experience, including in the Middle East and Asia. He has undertaken economic development and developed public land administration systems for World Bank funded projects in Palestine and in Yemen.


For example, working with Sasha Lennon, he he prepared a workforce planning framework for the Sultanate of Brunei. The plan gives effect to economic development strategies for the nation, anticipating the future workforce needs of industry and developing strategies to ensure Brunei's supply of human capital can satisfy the workforce requirements of a diversity of industries.


Prior to that, Roger also worked with Sasha Lennon on a major consultancy to advise the Sultanate on strategies to attract foreign direct investment and on the allocation of suitable land for commercial and industrial development based on alternative demographic and economic futures scenarios. In this major study he took responsibility for the foreign direct investment attraction strategy, which formed a key part of the brief.


Verna Gibbins, Associate SC Lennon & Associates





  • Graduate Diploma Urban Research & Policy (Swinburne University)

  • Bachelor of Arts, Recreation (Phillip Institute of Technology)




  • Research and Analysis

  • Economic Development and Tourism

  • Strategic Planning

  • Regional Planning

  • Baseline Profiling (socio-demographic analysis)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis

  • Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement



Verna Gibbins is an urban researcher whose areas of specialisation are social surveys, data analysis and survey fieldwork management. Verna undertakes research work for SC Lennon & Associates including literature reviews and stakeholder consultation.


Verna's recent work has included literature reviews for economic development strategies in the City of Port Phillip in Melbourne, the Armidale and Lake Macquarie Council areas in NSW and the Toowoomba Region, the Whitsunday Region and the Goondiwindi Region in Queensland.


Prior to working with SC Lennon & Associates Verna conducted a survey of commuters at the Caulfield railway station as part of a retail study for Monash University Caulfield campus and consultation with businesses in the City of Yarra for the Yarra Employment Strategy. As part of the proposed governance and management model for the Stretton Centre in the City of Playford, Verna undertook detailed case studies of Australian and international centres.

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Emeritus Professor Brian Corbitt, Consulting Advisor SC Lennon & Associates





  • ​PhD Policy Analysis (Monash University)

  • MEdStuds Policy Analysis and Education (Monash University)

  • Dip Ed (University of Melbourne)

  • BA Hons (Geog and Economics) (University of Melbourne)

  • FACS  CP





  • Policy Advisory

  • Economics

  • Economic Development

  • The Digital Economy

  • eBusiness Policy Analysis and Implementation

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Research Design

  • Economic Analysis of IT Projects

  • Information Economics and Impact Analysis

  • ICT Policy

  • Policy Analysis in Health and Education

  • Higher Education

  • International Education

  • Development Project Analysis and Implementation in SE Asia

  • Forecasting and Modelling Economic Impacts

  • Workforce Planning Strategies

  • University Teaching

  • Lecturing

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Workshop Facilitation





Emerirus Professor Brian Corbitt is an Australian-based international consultant specialising in international education, eBusiness policy analysis and implementation, economic analysis of IT projects, information economics and impact analysis, policy analysis in health and education, development project analysis and implementation in SE Asia and forecasting and modelling economic impacts.


With over 40 years’ experience, Professor Corbitt has acted in a variety of high-level roles including Professor of Information Systems and Professor Mentor in the College of Business at RMIT University, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Business Research, (RMIT), Pro Vice Chancellor (Online Services) at Deakin University, Adjunct Professor of IT at KMIT (NB), Professor of Management Science at Shinawatra University in Thailand and JADE Professor of eCommerce at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.


Professor Corbitt has extensive experience consulting to governments in South East Asia and throughout the world. Working with Sasha Lennon, he co-authored a comprehensive analytical report evaluating Australia’s market for international education in Thailand. This project required extensive consultation with key industry stakeholders in Thailand as well as education providers and government agencies.


More recently, Professor Corbitt managed a multi-million dollar project providing planning and capacity development advice for engineering and science training in Thailand’s Universities. Professor Corbitt was also a key contributor to the development of a workforce planning framework for the Sultanate of Brunei.


Professor Corbitt was also on staff at both Monash University and the University of Melbourne, where he was also Head of International House.

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