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Economic Development Strategies

Burdekin Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025

Burdekin Shire Council


Commissioned by Burdekin Shire Council, SC Lennon & Associates prepared the Burdekin Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025. The strategy provides Burdekin Shire Council with direction for economic development promotion and facilitation over the next five years.


The Burdekin Economic Development Strategy 2020-25 provides Burdekin Shire Council with a framework to support the vibrancy, diversity and sustainability of the Burdekin Shire Council area. Informed by a well-developed understanding of the Burdekin’s economic development structure, dynamics and potential, it delivers a five-year plan of action, which builds on and strengthens partnerships and alliances between Burdekin Shire Council, government, industry and the community. 


Regional in scope with a global frame of reference, the strategy articulates and promotes a partnership approach between Burdekin Shire Council and other stakeholders to promote the Burdekin as an attractive destination for people to live, work and play.

Opportunities for action have been identified and categorised under three strategic themes:

  • A Smart and Innovative Agricultural District;

  • A Location of Choice for Business Investment, Learning and Living; and

  • A Dynamic Regional Visitor Economy.

​These are opportunities that Council and its partners can focus on to help activate and grow the Burdekin Shire economy.

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