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Tourism Strategies

Torres Strait Regional Economic Investment Strategy, 2015-2018

Torres Strait Regional Authority


SC Lennon & Associates was commissioned by the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) to prepare a Regional Economic Investment Strategy.


The Torres Strait Regional Economic Investment Strategy, 2015-2018 (REIS) identifies sustainable industries and opportunities for commercially-viable enterprise development for Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people living in the region.


The REIS identifies those industries which provide the greatest opportunities to establish and grow commercially-viable businesses in the Torres Strait. It informs the TSRA’s enterprise assistance programs, to deliver a strategically-targeted mix of support to projects that demonstrate a capacity for business development in the region.

Informed by rigorous research, consultation and analysis, the REIS identifies (1) Fishing; (2) Arts & Creative Industries; and (3) Tourism as the region's three 'focal' industries as the foundation for tailored programs to support Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal entrepreneurs or businesses in the region to start or grow a commercially viable business.


The REIS provides a ‘blueprint’ for the TSRA, other agencies, industry and the communities, to guide the future economic development of the Torres Strait, and contribute to the delivery of the objectives of the Torres Strait Development Plan 2014-2018.

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