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Economic Development & Tourism Strategies

Horizon 2030: Macleay Valley Economic Development & Tourism Strategy

Kempsey Shire Council


Commissioned by Kempsey Shire Council, SC Lennon & Associates prepared an economic development and tourism strategy for the Macleay Valley on the NSW Mid-North Coast.

Horizon 2030: Macleay Valley Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, is a blueprint for enhancing the vibrancy, diversity and sustainability of the Macleay Valley economy. It has been prepared to support Kempsey Shire Council’s vision to create a vibrant lifestyle destination where business, industry and investment can prosper in harmony with the Macleay Valley’s natural environment

Horizon 2030 sets Kempsey Shire Council’s strategic vision for economic development and tourism for the next 10 years and beyond. It maps out the vision for the economic development of the Macleay Valley and its communities, balancing the preservation and enhancement of the region’s natural and cultural environments whilst providing a robust foundation for economic development and sustainable population growth.


The strategy development process took a broad consultative approach to inform a thoroughly-researched strategy that is factual, practical and visionary and which articulates Kempsey Shire Council’s role as a facilitator and promoter of economic development and tourism in the Macleay Valley.

Download the report.

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