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Economic Development & Tourism Strategies

Quilpie Shire Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, 2020-2024

Quilpie Shire Council


SC Lennon & Associates was commissioned by Quilpie Shire Council to prepare the Quilpie Shire Economic Development and Tourism Strategy 2020-2024.


Informed by a well-developed understanding of Quilpie Shire’s economic development structure, dynamics and potential, the strategy presents a plan of action, which builds on partnerships and alliances between Quilpie Shire Council, State and Federal government agencies, South West RED, the Council of Mayors for Darling Downs and South West Queensland, tourism bodies, regional development agencies, local businesses and the communities of Quilpie Shire.

In preparing this strategy, SC Lennon & Associates engaged with a diversity of government, industry and community stakeholders via a series of targeted consultations. These consultations have been instrumental in helping to establish a vision for the economy of the future and to guide Quilpie Shire Council’s efforts in promoting and facilitating tourism and economic development.


Recognising that Council can help create the conditions for more effective economic partnerships in an environment that encourages and enables local entrepreneurship, particularly through promotion, facilitation, information sharing and advocacy, the strategy provides Quilpie Shire with a roadmap to prosperity.

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